From the readme file:


1. TFS Build configured and running.
2. PowerShell remoting configured between build agent server and SharePoint server (assuming these are separate machines).


To use these files in your CI process, you will need to do the following things:

1. Copy the files to the correct locations (scripts in BuildServerScripts to the TFS build agent server, scripts in SharePointServerScripts to the SharePoint server where WSPs are deployed to). In both cases, the scripts
currently expect to be placed at C:\Builds\Scripts\ - you must place the files at this location on both servers, unless you modify the PowerShell to run from another location (i.e. the cd C:\Builds\Scripts\ lines which change directory
to this location).
2. Update MasterBuildScript.ps1 to contain the name of the SP server your WSPs deploy to - this is contained in the variable named $SharePointDeployServer).
3. Replace all URLs/person names/site template names/app pool names in DeployCoreSolutions.ps1 - the script currently deletes/recreates a site collection as part of the build process.
4. Update credentials defined in 2 x Credentials.ps1 files (one on build server, one on SP server) - the username/password specified here is used to deploy WSPs and hit your site to warm up the application pool. Note that it is not the identity used for any UI tests - this is defined by the identity of the TFS test agent.
5. Decide what WSP deployment steps you need, and modify the script accordingly. The shipped example simply uses Update-SPSolution to upgrade the WSPs which were built, but you may need to
do a full retract/redeploy, install/activate Features etc.
- Update the DeploymentAndActivationSteps.ps1 file for these steps.
6. Determine if you have any cleanup steps which should execute on each deployment. The shipped example deletes some rows from a custom SQL database
(an example of something I needed to do), but is currently commented out.
- Update the Clean.ps1 file for any steps you need.
7. Test - define a build definition which uses SPBuild.xaml or SPBuild_NoVersioning.xaml, and run.

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