Unit test - access to the path 'C:\Documents and Settings' is denied.

first post: awarberg wrote: We are getting Access to the path "'C:\Documents and Settings' is d...

latest post: jweibel wrote: I also ran into that error. A solution/workaround would be highly a...

Failed To Load Receiver Assembly

first post: entwickler wrote: Hello, I am using your scripts and workflows to automate out buil...

Does this support Visual studio online

first post: jamilhaddadin wrote: Does this project support visual studio online (cloud TFS)?

Support for Sharepoint 2013 (preview version?)

first post: mithuns wrote: Hi Chris. Thanks for the TFS 2012 update. Do you happen to know if ...

TFS 2012 Update

first post: chadlafournie wrote: Any chance you may be updating this for TFS 2012 soon? Found this ...


first post: swethamanjunath wrote: Hi Chris,CI Starter Pack was very useful especially the buildserver...

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