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Project Description
Provides a customized TFS Build workflow and PowerShell scripts to get started with Continuous Integration (automated builds) in SharePoint + TFS 2010/2012.


NOTE: This project deals with building farm/sandboxed solutions for SharePoint. To build SharePoint 2013 apps, download the latest release of Office / SharePoint 2013 Continuous Integration with TFS 2012 (sister project), and follow the instructions on the site.
Possibly the most complex aspect of CI with TFS and SharePoint is understanding how PowerShell deployment scripts should integrate with the build workflow, and how return values for success/failure should be passed back. This project aims to solve this problem so you can focus on implementing any CI steps which are specific to your solution. The bottom of this page has links to more info on Continuous Integration for SharePoint.

This pack provides:
  • 2 x build workflows:
    • SPBuild.xaml - has automated assembly versioning (from sister project TFS 2010 simple assembly versioning - requires installation of this solution)
    • SPBuild_NoVersioning.xml - no versioning, no external dependency
  • A set of PowerShell scripts which perform the following functions:
    • Deal with PowerShell remoting from build server to SharePoint 'deploy' server
    • Perform SharePoint deployment steps (e.g. call Update-SPSolution to upgrade WSPs)
    • Many utility functions to support SharePoint WSP deployment (e.g. wait for solution deployment timer job to complete, recycle app pool then hit URL etc.) N.B. Some of this PowerShell is from Gary Lapointe so credit goes to him, many thanks Gary!
    • Perform teardown/setup steps for testing (e.g. delete/recreate site collection)

The following images show something of these artifacts:

Build workflow




More information

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